A Pease of Success 2


Did you ever notice Iranian President’s Rouhani’s smile? Allan tells the story behind the smile and a Rolodex of funny moments meeting other celebrities. Plus hear about how you can be a part of their magic.


Louise Bedford Mindpower

Be persistent, be one-eyed, be tenacious and refuse to shift from your goal. No matter what anyone else around you does, they cannot uproot your ambition.





Allan and Barbara Pease

Did you ever notice Iranian President’s Rouhani’s smile?

Allan gives the story behind the smile and how it got there. (7 mins).

Allan and Barbara then go through a Rolodex of funny moments when they met other celebrities in studios, like the smelly guys called Oasis recording Wonderwall, Robert Palmer recording his next album and their private showing of The Village People’s YMCA live recording. (8.20 mins)

You have the opportunity to spend the weekend with Barbara and Allan and create your own Pease of Success.  They have created a VIP weekend for 30 people only to get up close and personal and teach you how to get what you want in life. (16.05 mins)

Allan and Barbara change people’s lives dramatically.

Like Gary who was living in a car the first VIP weekend at The Pease’s and went on to write 3 books in dog training, taught people how to grow cadaver dogs and has trained dogs to sniff for breast cancer. He flew in on a helicopter last time. (18.15 mins)

Barbara and Allan help people move forward. They will give you things that you never considered possible and the confidence in your ideas and direction.

Go to https://www.peaseinternational.com/ to book in for the November VIP weekend on 7 – 8 November 2020.