2015 Market Review

2015 Market Review

In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we look at the Markets of the World for 2015 with Chris Tate. We examine China’s spectacular fall, the USA’s moribund congestion, the fall of Crude Oil below $40 a barrel and the grind down of the Aussie Market. Hear what to do with your positions over Xmas and how Chris Tate thinks he looks in a tuxedo.


Crude oil is below $40 a barrel and is at its lowest level in 6 years, as the contest between OPEC and the US continues.

Iron ore is at a historic low at $40 a ton, China simply doesn’t want our dirt and the TRAIN WRECK of commodities continues for Australia with no relief from the carnage.


The US market looks like it’s on it’s death bed. The US entered congestion in the beginning of the year and dropped out briefly during the middle and now are back in congestion.


African brains are coming back home to roost, combined with stability and resources they have performed well.


Although China suffered a spectacular fall earlier in the year their market is still positive for the close of 2015.


The Australian market went NO WHERE in 2015. With a little bounce in the middle of the year it was a progressive grind down on above average volatility.


2015 will be a year we will like to forget.

It was a tough year for traders.

A single year does not make a trader, look the markets in terms of a business.


Chris Tate’s advice – go and get a tan, come back revitalized and fresh for next year the markets will still be there.

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