Workplace Changes and Trading Freedom

Workplace Changes and Trading Freedom

This week’s episode of Talking Trading looks at Catherine Robert’s foray into the trading world. Compelled by the pressure of a toxic work environment, Catherine pursued the Mentor Program to provide her with a second income and a new outlook on life. Hear about her growth in personal development, her wins in the market and her amazing meeting of another Trading Game mentoree. Also find out what Louise Bedford has to say about getting out of your comfort zone in Mindpower and where the big money really lies.


Catherine Roberts – Trading Game 2014 Mentoree

Catherine Roberts grew up thinking that an EDUCATION and A CAREER would make her FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

When she found out that wasn’t the case she started looking for options…

A toxic work environment was the final shove Catherine needed to enroll in the Trading Game Mentor Program and seek alternative means of income.

Knowing she had the skills to become a trader, she has ploughed the markets for over a year winning handsomely in the energy sectors in 2014.

The toxic work environment proved to be a blessing in disguise, not only did she meet a fellow Trading Game mentoree in a new job, she has grown in personal development to take control of her life and her financial future. In Catherine’s opinion if you are a successful trader then you are successful in life. She no longer wastes time wishing for things and achieving someone else’s goals, she consciously achieves her own.


Mindpower with Louise Bedford

Declare you are ready.

Once you declare you are ready options will open up in your life.

High achievers are frustrated a lot of the time – being mellow and getting to the top just don’t go together.

To get out of your current money zone you have to get out of your current comfort zone. Leaps are required and to leap you have to leave solid ground behind. But once you do, you get used to flying and that is where The Big Money lies.





Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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