Who Said Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees?

Who Said Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees?

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Get ready to hear how you can excel, even when your back is to the wall. This week’s episode with author and trader, Dave Bell, will give you the motivation you need to push forward in the markets. Also hear some other fascinating insights from Louise Bedford, Caroline Stephen and Catherine Duc.


Dave Bell – The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Money Trees

After living hand to mouth existence for 20 years, Dave Bell graduated from the School of Financial Hard Knocks when he stumbled across the share markets. He firmly planted his trading roots and has since grown a money tree so large he bought a house, quit his job, and pursues his passions.


Dave has gone from being as ‘poor as a church mouse’ to becoming quite well off, and in the process fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a successful author.

To check out his international award-winning photography book (The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Money Trees) that the profits from share trading allowed him to produce, please visit www.davebell.com.au  You can also visit him on Facebook. If you would like to receive his 3 x favourite share market photo/ observations from the book, please email Dave (info@davebell.com.au), and he will send them to you for free.

Louise BedfordLouise Bedford – The 7 Deadly Share trading Sins and Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets.

Beware of the devil inside when you trade the markets. Louise Bedford discusses the 7 Deadly Sins to trading. Find out which ones ensnared her and how she recovered. You just can’t be an angel all the time.

Also hear why Louise is reading Sam Weinstein’s book ‘Secrets For Profiting In Bull and Bear Markets.’


caroline-stephenCaroline Stephen – Market Matters

There is a bright twinkle on the horizon with the weekly chart displaying the complete formation of a morning star. Let’s wait and see if this little bounce holds next week.

And hear how the Mentor Program changed Catherine Duc from playing space invaders with the markets to becoming a consistent and successful trader.


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