What the heck is MACRO TRADING?

What the heck is MACRO TRADING?

Market Wrap with  Jono Barratt

Jonathan_expAfter record highs last week, the US market got the jitters and did a big reversal.

The falling Dow will have a knock on effect to our markets but we should still be in for a good week overall.

Gold is charging forward once again thanks to Putin, and economist’s eyes are open for unemployment figures and data from China later in the week.

Chris Tate and Macro Trading

chris_tate_expBeam your laser brain onto the markets with Chris Tate and find out if macro trading really brings home the bacon.

Chris gives us the real meaning of diversification and looks at the trap of paralysis analysis. He tells us what really makes moolah in the markets and where to point your focus.

We also find out what the Big Bald Bloke likes to trade and why.

Louise Bedford – Are You Ready?

louise_expDeclare you are Ready and get ready to soar in your life with Louise’s Mind Power. She tells us that how you deal with the little voice of doubt inside your head determines the altitude you reach in life.

In order to get out of your current money zone, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Inspiring words from the Female Powerhouse of the markets.

Also, hear Aaron West’s views on why it’s a good idea to keep your day job, for just a bit longer. Aaron completed the Trading Game Mentor Program and has some wisdom to share.


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