Unbelievable! The Burglar is Suing Me

Unbelievable! The Burglar is Suing Me

This episode spells out how wealth creation is a responsibility. Lawyer Rob Balanda tells the unbelievable but true stories of why all investors must have asset protection and in the Mindpower segment, Louise urges us to stop dodging success and making excuses. Plus we have a special look at the news around the world with David Chia.

MARKET WRAP – News Around the World – David Chia

With a heavy drop in the Dow last week we take a sweep around the world’s financial markets with David Chia (from Red Asset Management).

David puts the US market correction into perspective, he touches on the current low interest rates, events in the Ukraine and Russia, crude oil’s performance and the buoyancy of China’s recent market.

He also gives precious advice on how to trade shares in current market conditions and why overall the markets look good.



Louise Bedford (from Trading Game) urges us to stop dodging success and giving so many excuses. All share market beginners started somewhere, stop pretending you have to be perfect, push beyond the fear and dare to step forward.




We also have a dose of girl power in Trading Trivia with the answer to ‘who was first female stockbroker in the USA?’.




Rob Balanda

As your wealth portfolio grows, so do the chances of you becoming a target and someone ‘having a go’ at you.

Lawyer Rob Balanda (from MBA Lawyers) spells out just how important it is for all investors to have asset protection.

A robber can walk into your house in the middle of the night, slip and hurt themselves and then sue you for damages. Or you decide to hold a garage sale, someone walks down your drive slips and breaks their leg and prosecutes you for inappropriate access. Unbelievable… but true.

Stories like this come across Rob’s desk every day and he highlights the responsibility of wealth and why investors must not have their heads in the sand. Hear exactly which structures you need in order to protect yourself.


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