Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese

IMG_0375Turning Japanese

Hear Chris Tate’s amusing impressions of Tokyo and why he isn’t turning Japanese… just yet.

 Japan : A country of contrast with the hypermodern and the very old, a place where hotel staff fall like ninja’s from the roof, where girls in little black dresses mingle with women wearing kimonos, a place where the food is bizarre and the streets are clean and crime free. Chris Tate and Louise Bedford visited Tokyo for the IFTA Conference and were entranced enthralled and fascinated by this city. In this episode hear Chris’ amusing impressions of the city and how traders from all around the world make the same stupid mistakes.

IMG_0414Chris Tate

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate recently attended the International Federation of Technical Analysts Annual Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Chris wanted to find out if traders differ from around the world? The answer is NO. We all make the same stupid idiot mistakes trading regardless of what culture we are from.

Hear Chris Tate’s entertaining impressions of the following in Tokyo:

1.The technology – A hyperkinetic modern city with a staggering contrast between the hyper modern and the old.

2. Why everything works in the city- Japan is a ‘no buffoon zone’.

3. The collective consciousness of Japan – Japan has zero crime. School children as young as 5 years old navigate their way through down town Tokyo.

4. The Dress Code of The Japanese – Very modern with women wandering about in Little Black Dresses but at the same time, other girls wear traditional dress.

5. Geishas – You simply stare at with your gob open.

6. Body Language Japanese are small not in stature but in body language. Hotel staff would appear as if they were Ninja’s and they would drop from the ceiling.

7. Cleanliness – A form of a religion. It flows through to their cities, which are staggering clean. There is a sense of internal and external purity.

8. Food. Simply … bizarre.

9 Suicide rates – Being Japanese comes at a cost and their suicide rate is very high. There are over 30 000 deaths every year. The ancient Samurai culture plays a part with warriors using hara-kiri as an honourable way to accept failure.

10. Mount Fuji – Enormous and one of the best natural sights CT has ever seen.

Mt Fuji



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