The Laughter Advantage

The Laughter Advantage

Anthony Ackroyd is one of Australia’s best-known comedians and he features on this week’s episode of Talking Trading on the benefits of laughter and to how find joy in your life. If love conquers all but laughter makes it possible then Anthony challenges us to find the joy in every day life and nurture the humour which is already there leading to more success, health and wealth.


Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd is one of the leading comedians of his generation in Australia. He has graced most Australian television channels with his skits, improvisations and impersonations on shows such as The Comedy Company, Hey Hey its Saturday, The Big Gig and Good News Week. At one stage he was so famous he was the subject of a question on The Wheel of Fortune.

He is in short – One Funny Guy.

Exhausted from fame, Anthony set about applying what he learnt as a stand up comedian to help people as a Clown Doctor and now as a laughter coach.

Did You Know?

One minute of a good solid belly laugh is equivalent to 10 minutes on an exercise bike for aerobic conditioning and that every time you laugh you release:

  • A hormone which boosts your immune system
  • Dopamine or the reward chemical
  • Oxytocin which makes you feel closer to other people
  • Endorphins which make you feel more motivated and inspired
  • Serotonin which makes you feel more peaceful

And if that is not enough, the Japanese believe that laughter is spending time with the Gods.

Anthony’s favourite motto is love conquers all, but laughter makes it possible and he delivers three tools for creating happiness and laughter:

  1. Intention to find more humour
  2. Attention – what we focus on grows
  3. Interpretation – we learn to see the humour in all situations

Anthony is passionate about people adopting the laughter lifestyle and finding the joy that is actually there in life. After all, laughter is the shortest distance between two people and it is the sound of the soul waking up.

To download Anthnoy’s stress less, laugh more ten point plan, or to register for Anthony’s blog The Laughter Advantage go to



Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

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