Redundancy Trading

Redundancy Trading

Redundancy can put your life in turmoil, but this week we look at how a mentoree used a redundancy plan to recreate her life anew with more control and flexibility. We also hear from Matty White and his trading over 29 years and Chris Tate gives us the latest in the markets.


Market Wrap for week ending 10 November 2017

The US markets continue to perform and the All-Ords are at a 52 week high over 4 successive weeks.

Hear the latest in the markets from Chris Tate and where he is casting his eye for trading opportunities.


Facing the Future with Hope

Redundancy is one of the easiest levers for management to pull for cost-cutting and often has nothing to do with a person’s performance. But its effects can be devastating to a person and their family.

Hear how this Mentoree made a redundancy plan 6 months beforehand complete with a checklist.

Her plan took the emotion out of the process and twelve months onward she had moved entirely out of her comfort zone and created a life which is financially on par but with time, freedom and flexibility.

Hear how she did it.


Matty White – A Groovy Stylist – Excels at trading

The humble and groovy stylist from South Yarra has been trading the markets for 29 years.

He also happens to be neighbours and good mates with stockbroker David Chia, who has given him some good advice on the markets.

He tells his worst trade during the tech wreck and how it psychologically paralyzed him and his best trade, a futures straddle position.

After the one-day course with Louise Bedford and Chris Tate Matty shares how he walked away with a lot of confidence to implement a new trading system.


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