Oil Up Your Trading with Chris Tate

Oil Up Your Trading with Chris Tate

Hear Chris Tate’s fascinating views on oil and the energy sector and how markets are performing across the world. Louise Bedford shares the importance of simplicity of thought and the basics of a trading plan while Jason McIntosh shares the biggest mistake traders make.


The best traders have simplicity of thought and clarity of mind.

They strip away everything except the very necessary basics of a trading plan.

Get this down to a one-page plan for entry, exit and position sizing.

The first thing you have to convince is yourself.


Market Wrap

Hear how markets are performing around the world.

Oil is up as Iranian drones destroyed some of the Saudis oil production.

US markets continue to display remarkable resilience despite all the talk of interest rates, recession, and the bright orange man-baby who is in the white house.

Europe is flirting with previous highs while Brexit continues to dampen the UK markets.

Australia is still shy of the high-water mark set in July which failed to take out 2007 high, we still have a hang-over from the spectacular run-up to the GFC.

Hear Chris’ fascinating views on oil and how its importance as a primary source of energy has dropped significantly and which opportunities he is looking at this week.

Jason McIntosh

What is the biggest mistake Jason McIntosh sees traders making after all his years in the share market?

People sell their winners too early and hold onto their losses for too long.

Hear these pearls of wisdom from the former BT trader.

To find out more about Jason go to: www.motiontrader.com.au/talkingtrading.


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