Money Tree 2

Money Tree 2

Kirk Chisholm on renewables, collectables, and principles to live and die by in the markets.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Consistency is the goal.

Trading should be monotonous and steady and approached with mechanical detachment.

If you are doing otherwise, take a step back and improve your attitude or system design.


Kirk Chisholm

Kirk is a market veteran of over 20 years who knows how Wall Street works.

We talk about renewable energies, Bill Gates and phase 4 nuclear technology. Tax loops holes and the fascinating reason why “Collectables” became a part of the tax code after Nazi art theft, and three principles to live and die by trading; risk management, outcome-based thinking and doing your research.

To find out more about Kirk he writes a blog once a week at and podcasts weekly at


Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

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