Are the markets hot or not?

Are the markets hot or not?

What if you made this one trading mistake and it cost you thousands? What mistake is that, I hear you ask? Well, it’s trading a cold sector that’s being dragged down because it’s out of favour.

But how do you know what sectors are hot, and which are not?

That’s what this Talking Trading podcast is all about this week.

Louise Bedford gives you the low down on the little-known sectors likely to lead the next bull run, and which sectors to avoid at all costs.

Plus, you’ll hear all about what we’re planning for this year’s Talking Trading podcast, so that you can learn the tactics that can help you excel in the markets.

About Louise Bedford

Louise is a best-selling author and the founder of

She and her business partner, Chris Tate, have been running their repeat-for-free Mentor Program since the year 2000. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

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