A Legacy of Wealth

A Legacy of Wealth

In this episode property expert Michael Yardney shares the definition of true wealth and why high net worth investors desire to leave a legacy.

Hear what differentiates average Australians from the uber-successful and why it always comes down to mindset. Also hear how Talking Trading was born and the power of being immersed in an environment where you are free to chase your investing dreams.

Michael and LouiseMichael Yardney

Michael Yardney is Australia’s leading property specialist and an expert on wealth creation, financial mindset and investing.

Want to know the biggest difference between high net worth investors and the average Australian?

It is their MINDSET.

While the average Australian takes financial advice from well meaning but non- wealthy people successful investors often have mentors and mastermind groups who are able to see your blind spots and move you from limiting subconscious beliefs to empowering thoughts.

Wealth Retreat is a high level masterminding educational event, which has had a track record for 10 years.  Every year 50 investors gather on the Gold Coast for 5 days to immerse themselves in an investing, networking and joint venturing environment.

Wealth Retreat was the birthplace of Talking Trading three years ago as Louise and Caroline met for the first time and passions united and friendship forged.

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate will be presenting this year as well a host of property experts, accounting and finance professionals. To immerse yourself in uber-success and leave a lifetime legacy of wealth go to: http://wealthretreat.com.au/trader/

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