This episode of Talking Trading features famous author and artist Julia Cameron. Responsible for popularising the Morning Pages and creating a worldwide movement Julia explains her creativity tools and recipes for living and breathing prosperity. Hear where Louise Bedford’s ‘Morning Journal’ came from and why it is an effective tool for success and how when you live from creativity you experience a greater sense of well-being and prosperity.



‘The Artist’s Way’ began as a temper tantrum. Julia wanted to write a book for artists that would help them stand up for themselves.

It certainly did that.

Four million copies and a worldwide movement later Julia Cameron is one of the most famous writers in the world.

Her famous basic tool to help artists are the MORNING PAGES.

Louise Bedford is a major proponent of Morning Pages and she urges her Mentorees to take up this tool for the fulfillment of their potential. Hear how they act as a broom for the mind cleaning out corners of your consciousness and why Julia believes it is impossible to do them and not have an awakening.

Julia’s experience is that if people work with their CREATIVITY they actually become more SOLVENT. She shares her keys to finding prosperity through WELL-BEING and learning the art of SELF CARE.

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