Invest in your ideal life

Invest in your ideal life

Each week we bring you interviews and expert trading tactics to teach you what, when, and where to trade.

Check out this episode of Talking Trading with host Louise Bedford and guest Goose McGrath, CEO of as they discuss how to Invest in Your Ideal Life. Goose is on a mission to help everyday Australians achieve financial independence and build inter-generational wealth through real estate investment.

In this episode, he shares his thoughts on moving to Bali, the role of your money mindset, taking risks in trading, and finding work/life balance as a trader. Plus, discover the lessons learned through failure, finding joy, and what it means to take something that can feel very much like a ‘dangerous leap’.

With the costs of living spiraling, interest rates rising, and so much doom and gloom, some of us have lost sight of what we’re aiming for. Don’t let the emotional contagion of the world get you down. This is a message of hope that will gear you up to take action.

Topics we discuss:

  • The Italians have a saying – salto mortale. It means ‘dangerous leap’. Go big or go home. What would be the key things people find stopping them when making what many would consider a dangerous leap?
  • The more you can get the future YOU to jump into clarity, the quicker this will become your reality. How do you stay on track with your vision for your future?
  • Is work/life balance achievable?
  • What gives you joy and how do you keep heading toward the activities that give you this feeling time and time again?

Things to Contemplate:

We often think of trading as a dangerous leap. It seems risky. It fills us with fear. We feel like we’re stepping off the tried and true path. However, to not trade is actually the dangerous leap.

You don’t have to make a dangerous leap. You can keep your job and learn how to trade. You don’t have to take huge risks to excel in the markets. In fact, taking smaller risks will keep you in the game for longer.

You can have a balanced life, but just not all in one day… or even one month.

As a trader, you’ll go through frantic periods of learning and trading – and to the outside world, you’ll look like you’ve toppled out of balance.

But then, there will be great swags of time where you’ll be only looking at a screen for 10 minutes a day. The rest of the day, you’ll have completely free.

That can take some getting used to because you’ll be free to do whatever you want.

About Goose McGrath

Goose McGrath, the CEO of is on a mission. He wants to help everyday Australians achieve financial independence and build inter-generational wealth, through the vehicle of real estate investment. He’s the host of The Wild Goose Chase podcast and he takes coaching people seriously.

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About Louise Bedford

Louise is a best-selling author and the founder of

She and her business partner, Chris Tate, have been running their repeat-for-free Mentor Program since the year 2000. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

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