Fingerprint For Success – Part 2

Fingerprint For Success – Part 2

In this episode we hear part 2 of Michelle Duval from Fingerprint for Success and the entreprenaissance and self-awareness of business leaders of the world. And Louise Bedford awards a gold star and a demerit.


Michelle Duval Fingerprint for Success

Part Two

‘If you think you are too small to have an impact try going to bed with a mosquito’. Anita Roddick CEO Body Shop.

Your mosquito can have a significant impact.

In this interview Michelle discusses that when you know your unique talent and awareness of your life’s purpose you can really make an impact on the world.

We are living in an entreprerenaissance – an era where individuals are coming together to use business for the good. An era where self-awareness is prevalent in the business and thought leaders of the world.

In this interview we talk about core values, embracing your uniqueness, finding your purpose and the people who are aligned with you and commercial sustainability.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

A Gold Star and Demerit

The Gold Star goes to the members of the Mentor Program who ask questions when they are unsure how to progress.

You can either learn your lessons through asking questions or through the markets. Think about which one is less expensive.

The Demerit goes to some emails Louise received.

A lady berated Louise for not counting the number of days in an email, berated her gender, her dress sense including what right did she have to educate others when she can’t count the number of days.

Louise urges you to keep to your life’s work, stay focused, don’t get distracted.


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