Don’t Tell Your Boss to Shove It…Just Yet!

Don’t Tell Your Boss to Shove It…Just Yet!

Hear how Louise Bedford felt when her boss stopped paying her wages and how it took her eight years to make a living from the markets. Learn the fundamental questions to ask before you become a full time trader which if don’t answer confidently means you are ‘just dreamin’. And hear how the Swiss Index put a cat amongst the pigeons in the FX world and how the Aussie and US markets are performing.

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chris_tate_expMarket Wrap with Chris Tate

It is all about this Swiss last week as they took time off from eating chocolate and making cuckoo clocks to remove the cap on their index. This put a cat amongst the pigeons in the Swiss and FX markets. So should traders be taking trades on the Swiss Franc at the moment?

According to Chris Tate ‘GOD NO! Wait until the market has settled down.’

The Australian market is caught between the collapse of crude oil and collapse of most commodity prices particularly metals and until this changes we won’t see a dramatic lift in the Australian market. And the US markets…they are on pause. Until the long-term weekly trend changes you can’t say the bull market has come to an end.

Grab this opportunity to hear a detailed analysis of what Chris Tate is trading at the moment.


Don’t Tell Your Boss to Shove It…Just Yet – with Louise Bedford

When Louise quit her day job she couldn’t believe they stopped paying her. She felt insulted. She felt betrayed. She thought “How Dare They?”.

It took Louise 7 – 8 years before she was earning well enough from the markets to say she had replaced her income.

Before you decide tell your boss to SHOVE IT there are fundamental questions you need to ask yourself as yourself a trader.

  1. Have you gained the necessary skills to make enough money regardless of the market direction?
  2. Do you have sufficient capital?
  3. Do you have the discipline to follow a stop loss?
  4. Do you have the support of your family?

Listen to this week’s episode to hear more of Louise’s advice.

Plus find out what famous high achievers do to set themselves up for the year ahead.

Hear our great survey results on what famous high achievers do in preparation for the year ahead. It won’t surprise you that many of their answers were the same.



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