Confessions of a Real-Life Trader

Confessions of a Real-Life Trader

Jerremy Newsome

Be inspired by Jerremy Newsome’s views on the markets, trading and life. This man has been a regular guest on Talking Trading, and in this interview, Louise Bedford chats with Jerremy about his big goals, what he’s achieved over the past year as well as the mindset required for excellence. Jerremy will get you fired up so that you can head back to your trading desk, execute your plan and make more money.

Have a look at Jerremy’s website here.

Check Jerremy and Louise out in this video

Broke to Woke | Podcasts on Audible | Audible.comListen to the Broke to Woke podcast

The Broke to Woke podcast explores the personal journeys of hosts Britnie Turner and Jerremy Newsome as they examine their trajectory from humble beginnings in the rural south to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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You can listen to episodes here. Or listen on Apple podcasts here.

Image by Deirdre Weedon from Pixabay

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