Burning Trading Questions 2 with Chris Tate

Burning Trading Questions 2 with Chris Tate

Chris Tate dissects the biggest myths about the market and spells out freedom for him. Louise Bedford looks at starting from

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

If Louise had to start trading from scratch here are 5 things she would do.




Chris Tate

Chris discusses how his business partner Louise Bedford pulled him out from under his rock to talk trading with us over the past 20 years (8.25 mins).

At 9.20 mins Chris debunks the biggest myth about the share market and how in Australia the moment you move from a fund to an index fund your performance doubles.

Then at 12.43 mins, we ask Chris what freedom means to him and he shares the experience of a paramedic who said the one thing the dying would say to him was “I thought there would be more time.”


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