Building Financial Resilience

Building Financial Resilience

If you need to develop a robust strategy for uncertain times, this Talking Trading episode will inspire you.

Maintaining high performance over the long term can be difficult, but Louise Bedford shares her tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Here are some of the key areas Louise discusses with Jordon Mellor, Director of TradeDelicious:

  • Things we believe can actively damage us in the markets. Louise talks about the stages of conscious competence and unconscious competence.
  • Areas of unconscious incompetence for traders and the relevance of the term ‘volatility bias’.
  • Comparing ourselves to others can take a toll on our trading results, and Louise talks about the evolutionary importance of safety in groups and the importance of self-forgiveness.
  • When our emotions take over, it can be challenging to make rational decisions. Louise shares strategies for engaging the pre-frontal cortex, as well as strategies for pushing ourselves to grow after difficult situations.
  • Creating a success environment for trading is essential, and Louise shares tips on how to keep stress at bay and stay focused. Plus, Louise gives listeners homework to reflect on their decision-making processes, how they can calm themselves down, and how to incorporate breaks into their trading routine.

About Jordon Mellor

As Director of TradeDelicious, Jordon is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Through his podcast, Traders Of Money, Jordon aims to provide listeners with actionable advice and insights into the world of trading and investing. Jordon’s show is a must-listen for anyone looking to take control of their trading and achieve their financial goals.

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About Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford is a highly accomplished and experienced trader, educator, and author, with over 30 years of experience in the financial markets.

She is the co-founder of The Trading Game, and is known for her unique approach to teaching trading psychology and market analysis.

Louise has authored several successful trading books, including Trading SecretsCharting Secrets, and The Secret of Candlestick Charting. She is also a regular contributor to Ausbiz, the Your Trading Edge magazine, and is the host of the Master Your Trading Mind Hub at IG Markets Australia.

She and her business partner, Chris Tate, and have been running their repeat-for-free Mentor Program for the past 23 years. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

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