Big Money Footprints

Big Money Footprints

Discover the power of ‘Big Money Footprints’, as Guy Cohen breaks down the elements that make his stock selection approach truly unique.

Get ready to grasp the three Master Keys – Market Timing, Stock Selection, and the Trade Plan – that form the core of his trading philosophy. This will help both your share trading and option trading skills.

Guy is a bestselling author and the mind behind the groundbreaking Options Volatility Index (OVI). He shares his unique insights, strategies, and the driving force behind his success.

Topics we Discuss:

The Three Master Keys

Guy’s trading philosophy of the Three Master Keys:

  • Market Timing
  • Stock Selection (The Big Money Footprints)
  • Trade Plan

Evolution of Options Trading:

Your journey from developing your options calculation engine to becoming a best-selling author is impressive. What inspired you to dive into the world of options trading, and how did it evolve over the years?

Big Money Footprints:

Your approach to stock selection through “Big Money Footprints” is intriguing. Could you delve into each footprint, especially the OVI and Shrinking Retracements, and how they work together to identify potential trading opportunities?

Master Keys to Trading Success:

Your three Master Keys—Market Timing, Stock Selection, and the Trade Plan—are crucial components of your strategy. Can you share some key principles or examples for each of these keys, and how they contribute to overall trading success?

Focus on Solid Stocks:

The emphasis on solid stocks with highly liquid, low implied volatility options is interesting. How does this approach provide controlled leverage, and why is predictable underlying price action crucial for your traders?

Advice for Retail Traders:

For our retail trader listeners, what advice do you have based on your extensive experience? Are there common pitfalls to avoid, or key principles they should keep in mind?

About Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen is a trailblazing figure in options trading.

Author of four best-selling books published by FT Prentice Hall and Wiley, including Options Made Easy, his influence extends beyond the written word.

As the creator of the US-patented Options Volatility Indicator (OVI), FlagTrader, and OptionEasy applications, Guy has revolutionised quantitative trading.

Now, as the founder of Montal Capital, he continues to shape the future of trading with his innovative strategies and insights.

To get in touch with Guy:

X: GuyKCohen

About Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford is a highly accomplished and experienced trader, educator, and author, with over 30 years of experience in the financial markets.

She is the co-founder of The Trading Game and is known for her unique approach to teaching trading psychology and market analysis.

Louise has authored several successful trading books, including Trading SecretsCharting Secrets, and The Secret of Candlestick Charting.

Her new release – Investing Psychology Secrets – is the hottest trading book right now!

Investing Psychology Secrets

Louise and her business partner, Chris Tate, run their hugely popular, repeat-for-free Mentor Program. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

The Trading Game Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free course, that has been running since the Year 2000.

If you’re curious about whether this is your next step, then you need to register for Priority Notification, so you can learn more, and get a heap of free trading resources.

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