Battling Burn Out?

Battling Burn Out?

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Jonathan Barratt – Market Wrap

Jonathan_expPutin’s push for power has the markets sleeping with one eye open.

Events overseas in the Crimea, the US and Turkey and Syria affected the Aussie market most this week.

Whilst our mining sector did take heart from Gina Rinehart’s deal, the big question is, will Putin turn democracy on its heels and create a hiccup for western economies.
We just have to wait and watch the bald headed bully.

Simone Miller – Burn Out

Simone_tumb_expWe find out strategies to cope when you are at end of your tether and how to stop yourself from getting there.

Traders are high achievers but we all need strategies when we feel flat as a tack to coax us back into the bullring.

Simone gives us the tell tale signs and how to love ourselves back into trading success.

To make any enquiries with Simone please call 0422 006 932 or email

Louise Bedford – Mindpower and Money Scripts

louise_expLouise tells us what we were never taught at school – the secrets to wealth creation. She shares how to reprogram your mind to abundance and why not to settle for anything less than an inspired life.

We also find out you are the average of your top 5 friends in Mind Power and why hanging out with like minded people means you can run with the bulls.

Caroline Stephen – Market Trivia

caroline-stephenCaroline helps you understand the history of the gold standard and hear our trivia question for next week.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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