How to Avoid the Sharemarket Shonks

How to Avoid the Sharemarket Shonks

This episode targets the lies of the sharemarket shonks as Louise Bedford shares heartbreaking stories of investors’ trust sold for gold and how she was the only person there to pick up the pieces. We also hear from Mentoree Greg Rowney on the power of persistence and we find out what the markets did last week.


Market Wrap – Ashley Jessen

The hype and euphoria surrounding the Scottish referendum and the Alibaba float kept the markets active last week.

Although international indices hit an all time high, the Australian market is still failing to hit 6-year peaks.

Hear which sectors were hot and cold, which handful of stocks Ashley is looking at and also discover his trading tips.

Ashley is the Director of Communications with Invast – one of the largest and most successful global brokerage firms. Ashley Jessen and Louise Bedford have been friends for years – ever since Ashley wrote his book called ‘CFDs Made Simple’.


Avoiding the Sharemarket Shonks

When a trading educator uses your dreams and hopes against you to make gold for themselves, Louise Bedford gets angry.

As a leading authority for over 20 years, Louise has witnessed many sharemarket shonks come and go. Those worst affected often turn to Louise for advice.

Hear what she has to say about these wolves in sheeps’ clothing and learn to recognise only those who are authentic.


Cafe Conversations – Greg RowneY

2007 Mentoree Greg Rowney joins Chris Tate and Louise Bedford for a Café Conversation to discuss the power of persistence and the importance of trading buddies.




Who said “Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”?





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