Trading Resilience: Life Lessons from a Paralympian

Trading Resilience: Life Lessons from a Paralympian

Life throws punches – whether it’s a setback in the markets or a personal curveball.

Even unexpected successes can leave us feeling a bit off-kilter. These psychological shocks? They’re not just a blip; they can seriously mess with our trading game.

But, you know what? Deep down, we get it. If we don’t bounce back, we’re not going anywhere near our goals. And that’s exactly what we’re delving into today.

I’m thrilled to have a remarkable guest with us, Don Elgin from

Don’s no stranger to overcoming challenges. Representing Australia at four World Championships, three Paralympic Games, two World Cups, and a Commonwealth Games – this guy knows about resilience.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a best-selling author too? Check out “One Foot on the Podium” and “One Foot Beyond the Podium.”

Born missing half a leg, Don’s journey is a testament to resilience, not just on the sports field but in life. Today, he’s here to share insights that go beyond the medals and victories.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of inspiration, laughter, and actionable wisdom that will reshape how you face challenges in trading and life. Don’t miss out – this one’s not just about resilience; it’s about thriving!

Questions Asked

  1. How can aligning with our life purpose help people bounce back from setbacks?
  2. Dealing with setbacks, some individuals tend to go to great lengths to numb the pain. What guidance would you offer in navigating this?
  3. Traders often hit a breaking point, contemplating giving up. How does your ‘pilot light’ concept comes into play during these challenging moments?
  4. You’ve emphasised the need to confront self-limiting beliefs for personal growth. How can traders effectively confront and overcome their own self-limiting beliefs?
  5. You’ve mentioned your gratitude for having one leg. How can traders actively cultivate their ‘gratitude muscle’ in the face of challenges?
  6. Research suggests that silver medalists are often less emotionally satisfied than their gold and bronze counterparts. Traders frequently compare themselves, leading to unfavourable comparisons. How can we encourage traders to stop this self-defeating comparison game?
  7. After the exhilaration of winning a gold medal, what’s the game plan for the next day? Do you prepare for this moment?
  8. Any practical tips that traders can try at home to enhance their mindset or approach to trading?

About Don Elgin

Don Elgin is a Paralympic medallist, motivational speaker, and proud father of four. Born without the lower half of his left leg in Tocumwal, New South Wales, Don transformed what some saw as a handicap into a golden ticket for an extraordinary life.

From competing in four World Championships and three Paralympic Games to standing behind podiums as a sought-after motivational speaker, Don’s warmth, humour, and determination inspire audiences nationwide.

His autobiography, “One Foot On The Podium,” earned him a silver medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2016.

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