Saturday, May 25, 2024


We stick with our traders. We stay with them over the years. They get results.

Every week, on our free weekly podcast show called Talking Trading, we interview market wizards from all around the world. Plus, our own members of our Mentor Program frequently pop by to update us on their results.

Listen to these top interviews now…


Mentorees, Where are they now?

Hear from a bunch of past members of the Trading Game Mentor Program.

You’ll hear from financial planner Tony Raikes on how to strategize your future, mentoree Alex Dean shares how he overcame distractions in the market and Peter Hunt……



A Tsunami Decision

When the tsunami in Japan almost wiped out Jeni White’s trading account she enrolled in the Mentor Program.

Talking Trading is our free weekly podcast, and this week, we look at Jeni’s trading journey and how she realised what was possible.



Battle-Hardened Trading

Listen to Mentoree Stephen Warden.

In this interview we get inside his brain, his money scripts and his trading life to discover that the best traders are those who have walked the long and arduous journey.



Farming Market Profits

Mentoree Kirsten Stoldt migrated from Germany 20 years ago and established a farm in tropical Australia.

In 2011 she decided to take on the markets and has built a robust trading system which earns her profits.



Newbie Trading

One year down the track how does a graduate of the 2014 Mentor Program feel about her career?

Burning with a desire to trade like a professional Maria enrolled in the Mentor Program.



Finding Your Life’s Mission

Maree Burgess’s trading mantra is follow the system.

The high point in Maree’s trading journey was last year when she broke even in a couple of good trades and eradicated all her previous trading losses.