Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Curious Habits to Supercharge Your Trading

This approach has the potential to revolutionise how you approach and enhance your trading habits. You’re going to want to apply the Catch, WAIT, Reset method immediately.

Go the Distance in the Markets

Trading is more like a marathon than a sprint. If you burn yourself out with emotional outbursts and freaking out – you won’t go the distance. Hear the lessons from Dr Kay Bretz, ultramarathon champion, about how you can break through your own barriers.

The Ultimate Guide to Automated Trading

Discover the world of automated trading, how it empowers everyday traders, and what skills are needed to harness its potential. Join us as we unveil secrets to success shared by top clients, debunk the myth of "set and forget" trading, and explore the diverse strategies and market timeframes that automation can conquer.