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The Trading Game Mentor Program is a repeat-for-free, 6-month course. It will provide you with the ability to turn your trading around, and give you everything you need to be a superb trader, across every time frame, and with every instrument.

Run by best-selling authors, Louise Bedford and Chris Tate, you know you’re being looked after by people who are street-smart in the markets. Where else in this country can you learn from two traders with decades of experience and the track record of helping so many other people become successful?

Here is what one of the members of the Mentor Program says:

Peter is Making Money in All Market Conditions

“Louise Bedford’s course is world-class. She’s given me her personal secrets and tricks so I can trade the markets with confidence.

After having completed the very first Mentor Program in the year 2000, I have repeated every year for free. I have protected my capital and made money in uptrends and downtrends. The cost of failure in the markets is high. Don’t risk it. Do the Mentor Program and it will be a whole new beginning for you.”

– Peter Hunt, Ballarat, VIC


And it’s not just Louise Bedford’s course. Chris Tate also runs the Mentor Program. Together they make a formidable team.

chris_loui_bioThe Mentor Program will take you far beyond anything Louise Bedford and Chris Tate have ever released through their books or advanced home study courses.

Whether you’re beginning your trading career, or if you want to boost your results, the Mentor Program has been designed for you.

Who Should Become a Member of the Mentor Program Club?

Beginners concerned about the cost of getting it wrong if they go it alone in the markets loved being an apprentice, guided by people who really care about their trading future. Plus, experienced traders and full-time traders, have also joined the ranks of Mentorees.

No matter what your level of experience, you will improve your trading skills.

The price of education is always less than the price of going it alone. Either you can pay for your own trading education, or the markets will extract their cost. I know which one I’d prefer.

Your Next Step…

If you’re frustrated by your trading results and you’re sick of treading water or slipping backwards in your sharemarket returns, you simply must register for Priority Notification. It will tell you when Louise and Chris are running the next Mentor Program.

Click here now and Louise will even give you a free pack to help you trade with confidence using the latest techniques she usually only reserves for members of her Mentor Program:

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