Our Experts


Louise Bedford

Your Unfair Trading Advantage

Louise Bedford is a lady who loves an audience! Not only is she one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on...

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Chris Tate

Your Trading Mentor

Chris Tate is considered to be some sort of freaky trading genius by all of his trading peers. He’s a trading...

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Caroline Stephen

Financial Journalist

Caroline is your trusted, unbiased voice on what it takes to achieve success in the markets.

With a degree...

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Jason Cunningham

Your Tax and Accounting Specialist

Jason Cunningham is CPA qualified, a ‘footy tragic’, star of the hit TV show The Living Room and the founding...

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Jonathan Barratt

Your Economist and Fixed Income Specialist

Jonathan Barratt is an economist with 25 years of experience trading the FX and Commodity markets. An entrepreneur...

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Scott Lowther

Your Systems Tester Extraordinaire

Scott Lowther is Chris Tate’s and Louise Bedford’s personal trading system tester. As well as being a successful...

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Dr Harry Stanton

Your Trading Peak Performance Coach

Dr Harry Stanton is the author of well over 250 articles and nine books.

He was the first ever author to...

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Michael Yardney

Your Wealth Creation & Property Investment Mentor

Michael Yardney is one of the most respected experts on wealth creation...

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