What goes on inside your head when you trade? Here is a take on trading psychology you won’t want to miss. Trading Coach Andrea Wylan shares how consistently successful traders think. Chris Tate discusses the risk/reward ratio and Louise Bedford tells you to trade what you see.


Chris Tate – A Little Trading

Risk/reward ratio and why it is a useful metric for post-trend analysis.





Mindpower – Louise Bedford

It is so important for a trader to be objective.

When you trade make sure you trade what you see, not what you think you see.

Often, we can distort our views and convince ourselves of something that is not actually real.



Andrea Wylan – Trader and Trading Coach

Andrea works with traders to help them move through the transition from losing money to making money and trading consistently.

Trading success is about your psychology and mindset and one of the keys to trading success is how you talk to yourself.

If your wife abused you, called you a loser or hopeless, you might consider getting a divorce, yet unsuccessful traders speak to themselves like this all the time. A successful trader speaks pragmatically. They say ‘Let’s look at where in my system I erred, what can I do differently next time?’

The way we treat ourselves in our mind is key to our success. Look at yourself as another person and get clear on how you are talking to yourself.

Trading is similar to driving under the influence. As traders, we trade under the influence of our psychology, our subconscious, our traumas and there is a conflict of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Traders need to scrutinise themselves as much as the markets.

Andrea’s goal with her clients is to heal the emotions that are blocking them rather than using discipline to control them.

Being successful in the markets means you have done the inner work.

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