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About Simone Miller

Simone Miller is a practising psychologist, focussed on helping traders with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, addictions, and anger management.

Simone also has expertise in supporting couples and families with specialties in relationship and marriage counselling, family therapy, mediation and conflict resolution and separation/divorce counselling.

When clients see Simone they experience; a warm, safe and nurturing environment, improved quality of life, and the ability to build skills and life tools. Her views on how to overcome these ‘emotional nasties’ will help you immensely as a trader.

To make any enquiries with Simone please call 0422 006 932 or email

How to train your brain to take profits and ditch feeling unworthy.

The neuroscience of meditation says it all: we perform better when we have rested our minds. When elite traders in New York use this eastern art, it is time step up and take notice. Enjoy Allan Furlong’s accent, his philosophy on life and his deep belief in the power of harnessing your minds. Also hear our resident psychologist Simone Miller tell you how to stare down the beast of unworthiness and step into your potential.


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What to do when you feel freaking exhausted...


Episdoe 12 will take you from the dips of burnout to the highs of your inspired life. Find out why success is a mirror and the secrets we were never taught at school.

Also, listen to Jono Barratt's Market Wrap, Louise Bedford's Mindpower segment, as well as Simone Miller's incredibly illuminating views on Burnout and how you can avoid it.


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Want to know some sure-fire ways of beating up your butterflies? This is the talking trading show for you.


Episode 4 of Talking Trading probes into the murky depths of anxiety, which can stifle your growth as a trader. Essential listening for everyone who has felt the flutter of nerves whilst doing battle with the markets.


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