Scott Lowther

Your Systems Tester Extraordinaire

Scott Lowther is Chris Tate’s and Louise Bedford’s personal trading system tester. As well as being a successful private trader, he runs his own Supply Chain business and has an MBA, a Diploma of Financial Services, plus a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Certificate of Computing. With his extensive software knowledge of specialist back-testing products like TradeSim, Scott’s input into our system testing and design has been invaluable. Scott’s other key passion involves martial arts.

He has two martial arts black belts. This is actually an attribute he shares with Chris Tate. (Yes, the big bloke also has two black belts of his own as well.) His areas of specialty involve technology trends that can affect the trading world, systems testing, the US market and the Options market.

Set your traders wings, visualise your success, and get ready to soar.

Episode 18 has you kicking self-sabotage in the butt and replacing it success. Find out why a picture is worth a thousand words and hear what our markets are doing this week. Plus listen to Warren Buffet’s hidden talents and some trading tips.


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Since the Dow fell out of bed, the Aussie markets still look lack lustre. What should you be trading right now so you can become Rich, Rich, Rich?

Episode 5 of Talking Trading will help you define your definition of success, so will zoom towards your ideal trading future.


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