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Matt Wilson has worked in financial markets trading and funds management for over 28 years - in fixed interest, equities, managed funds, fx and derivatives.

He is perhaps most well-known for establishing the first and most successful CFD business in Australia, IG Markets, and in his latest venture he is publishing Australia's only independent newsletter about fixed interest, YieldReport.

YieldReport provides commentary, insight, hard-to-find pricing and comparisons on hundreds of cash accounts, term deposits, bonds, floating rate notes, managed funds and hybrid securities. His insights on fixed interest range from the basics of education on the role of fixed interest in a portfolio to the opportunities of how to trade fixed income for profit.

Talking Trading readers can access a 21-day free trail of YieldReport cut and paste this into your browser:

If you are looking for certainty in your investment portfolio this is the episode for you.

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This week we explore the world of bonds and yields with our expert Matt Wilson and we catch up with our second mentoree from the mid-point Mentor Program meeting.


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