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Louise Bedford is a girl who loves an audience! Not only is she one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on the sharemarket, she has trained thousands of people to maximise their own trading potential. She has degrees in Psychology and Business, and has done the hard yards in the sharemarket, so you can shortcut your way to success by following her methods.

She’s been one of Australia’s best-selling authors and her titles include – ‘Trading Secrets’, ‘Charting Secrets’, ‘The Secret of Candlestick Charting’, ‘Let the Trade Wins Flow’ (in conjunction with Dr Harry Stanton) and ‘The Secret of Writing Options’. Find out about Louise's Mentor Program Course.

Chris Tate on the shady side of things he has seen in the finance industry over 30 years and Louise Bedford on intuition.


If you are experiencing a feeling of dread about a decision or trying to silence a nagging voice of concern perhaps it is your subconscious trying to give you a warning. Listen to Louise Bedford's thoughts on this. Plus hear Chris Tate talk about the multiple wolves on Wall Street back in the 1990s.


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Boost Juice CEO Janine Allis on the rainbow of culture around the world and key habits to running a global business.


Boost Juice is a rainbow of culture extending into 15 countries around the world and in this interview Janine discusses some of her key ingredients to business success.


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Janine Allis CEO of Boost Juice on her idea from a kitchen table to a global empire.


Boost Juice started as an idea around a kitchen table. It is now a global empire spanning 13 countries and 500 stores worldwide. Hear Janine Allis's story, and apply her lessons to your trader's life. Plus, listen to Louise Bedford's Mindpower segment on how pattern detection can lead to bliss.


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Chris Tate on how to raid the markets and create cashflow for your back pocket.


If you ever wanted to hear how Chris Tate trades… this interview is for you. In this interview we hear first-hand how he conducts his trading simultaneously with both long and short-term systems, one to build wealth creation and the other to build cash flow. This is a rare opportunity to hear Chris speak candidly about different time frames on the markets and how he places his trades. And in Mindpower, Louise Bedford challenges you to create one success habit this week.


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Should you trade daily or weekly system? Louise Bedford compares the two.

Louise Bedford has traded both daily and weekly trading systems. Which one is the best for you? Jonathon Barrett gives a global markets update and Niv Dagan talks all things trading.


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Jack Schwager on A Complete Guide to the Futures Market.

Market Wizard author Jack Schwager has released a new book - a 700-page epic on all you need to know about the futures market. In this interview, we take a look at the key attributes of the futures market, the great debate between fundamental and technical analysis, what makes a good trend follower and the key attribute of the market wizards.


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Khoa Bui on the little things each day which lead you towards success and Louise Bedford on IQ in the markets.

Women running on stairs

We talk with speaker Khoa Bui on the lessons he has learned from leading entrepreneurs. We discuss 'The Compound Effect', the benefits of the weekly rhythm register and improving your strengths. We also hear which are Khoa’s favourite books on personal development. Louise Bedford asks, "Could the perfect trader be an intelligent moron?" How clever do you have to be to trade the markets?


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Ben Harvey talks about tools and traits for success in your life - Part 2.

In this week’s episode, educator, coach and mentor Ben Harvey talks about systems, habits, everyday-discipline and living your love. Louise Bedford discusses loneliness in share trading and how to move beyond it and Chris Tate answers 10 questions on the markets in a quick quiz.


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Terrence Odean on behavioral economics and the crazy decisions investors make.


We are rational when it comes to investing our money aren’t we? Statistically proven no we are not. Terrence Odean is a pioneer and authority in the field of behavioral economics and its applications to equity investing. He put the empirical data on trading proving we make crazy decisions with our hard earned money. In this interview Terry discusses the deadly sins traders predictably make and how he helped turn modern economic theory on its head. Louise Bedford also tells you her early money story and asks you yours.


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Chris Tate takes a look at markets around the world and Louise Bedford gives motivation strategies.


The Donald Trumpets War with North Korea but the markets remain unflustered. Hear how countries around the world are performing as Britain stands for a shellacking in its Brexit divorce and domestic markets knock on the 6000 door. Learn the habits of the wealthy in Mindpower as Louise Bedford shares her roadmap to success in 3 strategies to overcome the Kafka Effect.


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Learning to reinvent yourself at any age.


Getting inside Chris Tate’s head could be empowering, reassuring and profitable. Hear some personal moments of his trading journey and what has pushed his buttons over the years. Louise Bedford says to get out of your own way to excel and Baby Boomer Life Coach Lorraine Pirihi gives some time managements tips to renew your business hutzpah.


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NLP Life Coach Rik Schnabel on how to create wealth.

Businessman attracting money with a horseshoe magnet concept for business success, strategy or greed

In this week’s episode we have a variety of guests starting with NLP Life Coach Rik Schnabel. Rik gives his definition of true wealth and shares the mindset of the wealthy. Hear his tips on manifesting money and building your wealth muscle so you can recreate wealth again and again… and again. Louise Bedford discusses Alcatraz Inmate # 1259 William Baker and how traders can find inspiration from a hardened criminal’s life and the attitudes not to adopt. And finally the markets around the world are bullish as they play the Trump Card. Chris Tate walks us through them and how interest rates could be akin to boiling a frog.


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Chris Tate on the trending markets and Louise Bedford on overcoming your tough childhood.

donald and mickey

Come and explore which markets are moving in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. With Donald and Mickey in the White House, Chris Tate urges everyone to get over their personal revulsion of world leaders and still make money. Louise Bedford asks you if you had a tough childhood and what unresolved pain still seeps into your adult life. Hear about the tools she offers to heal emotional wounds and hear how to keep your children from suffering their own trauma and develop resilience from resilience expert, Ben Reghetti, of the ‘Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainability’ School.


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Inspirational guru and acclaimed author Allan Pease on how he found his answers in life and Louise Bedford’s intense enthusiasm.


In this episode Allan Pease continues his personal story on how he lost everything only to recreate it on a larger scale and survive not one but two diagnoses of cancer. He gives more detail on how to create your dreams and find your greatness. Louise Bedford shares the same Intense Enthusiasm in Mindpower and the power of deliberate cultivation of your craft.


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Get inside the head of seasoned Mentoree, Stephen Warden, who works to the definition of a trading pro.


Fast track your learning and prevent trading errors by getting inside the head of a trading elder. This week’s episode features Stephen Warden and how the markets have been for him in 2016. Hear how he works to the definition of a pro, how he follows his archetypal trades with no wiggle room to move and how he doesn’t take losses personally. Louise Bedford also urges to PLAY BIG. To listen to the voice inside you that says you can do more be more and want more and to always take life’s bigger option.


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As the world is reeling from The Donald coming up Trumps in the shock US election result, find out how the markets reacted and how you can profit.


He came up in Trumps and the US has a new president-elect. How did the markets react and where are those pockets of profits to find? Experts Chris Tate and Jono Barratt give the low down since the red states out voted the blue. And Louise Bedford asks - Are you good enough to make real money in the markets?


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Tanya Geisler on strategies to move from feeling like an imposter to feeling like an authority and Louise Bedford on The Dunning Krueger Effect.


This week’s episode looks at kicking self-doubt in the butt and championing your dreams. Leadership coach Tanya Geisler walks through three strategies to overcome The Imposter Complex and own your authority, while Louise Bedford puts self-doubt in the markets into perspective and how your trading system can overcome it. Come and listen… your confidence is waiting.


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How to be an empowered investor and beat every active mutual fund.


Protect your nest egg with this week’s episode. Gary Stone author of Blueprint to Wealth discusses the massive underperformance of mutual funds and how everyday investors can accrue millions more profit over their working life by investing in ETFs and Index Funds. You don’t need to be share trader…. you just need good common sense…. and 15 minutes every three months. Also hear Louise Bedford assure you a little more pressure and education will turn you into a trading diamond.


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Andrew Woodward is a Graduate of the Trading Game Mentor Program. Hear all about his trading journey and breaking down those big goals into building blocks.


Hear how those mini building blocks can create a whole new life in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. Mentoree Andrew Woodward discusses how the Mentor Program, and learning to trade with the six inches between his ears, led to creating a whole new business for himself. And Louise Bedford challenges you to treat yourself like a toddler for a day in order to manifest your BIG goals.


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Psyquation’s money management strategy and Louise Bedford on starting from scratch.


The first world’s first robo trading coach has come to life in the FX markets. Psyquation is not a black box or a trading system but a money management strategy. Hear how it was built and how it can eliminate trading errors. Plus if Louise Bedford had to start from scratch what would she do? Find out in this episode.


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The autonomy trading brings you and the questions of identity it raises.


In this episode of Talking Trading Louise Bedford shares what she prizes in trading above all else, Chris Tate reveals what he likes to chew over in his mind and mentoree Anastasia Bonython discusses her trading journey. Plus Jono looks at the markets and what is moving.


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Hear how Chris Tate is approaching pyramiding in the current market conditions.


Hear Chris Tate’s strategy on pyramiding and why sitting on your hands is sometimes the best advice. Louise Bedford compares trading to other moneymaking ventures and its return on investment in all areas of your life.


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Chris Tate defines trading and how the industry has changed over 20 years.

Over the shoulder view of the computer screens of a stock broker trading in a bull market showing ascending graphs

In this week’s episode of Talking Trading Chris Tate looks at the impact of technology on trading and why he is more profitable now than 20 years ago. In a few words he also defines trading as - Right Market, Right Time, Right Instrument.

Michelle Brunacci, a 2015 Mentoree, shares her trading journey and the two surprises she has learnt along the way and Louise Bedford asks if this is your best work?


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Hear from Chris Tate on how to trade volatility in the markets.


In this episode of Talking Trading hear Chris Tate define volatility and why it brings difficulty to traders in the markets. Chris discusses Options and why traders should have volatility valves on their trading plans. Louise Bedford looks at how to stave off depression in Mindpower with a series of questions to ask yourself at the end of each day to live your ideal life.


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Read another person’s character within seconds and further understand your own personality.


Imagine looking at a person’s face and knowing their strengths, weakness and their personality just from their features? The art of face reading enables you to do just that. In this episode we talk to Celebrity Face Profiler Alan Stevens on the power of face reading and how it helps you understand your personality and trigger points so when the markets are tough you have awareness of how you react. Also hear from Louise Bedford in Mindpower on how you can de-tooth the fear of failure to live a trader’s life.


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Mentoree Jeni White’s trading journey and Louise Bedford’s definition of financial freedom.

When the tsunami in Japan almost wiped out Jeni White’s trading account she enrolled in the Mentor Program. In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we look at Jeni’s trading journey and how she realised what was possible.


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Learn which strategies DIY investors use to maximize their money.

Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While Dreaming Their New Home And Furnishing

In this episode Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems explains various strategies for DIY investors to maximize their money. Hear why diversification is best executed across different asset classes, how many simultaneous strategies a DIY investor can realistically manage and why Gary loves ETFs. Also hear Louise’s book of the week and why she has learned to say ‘you're probably right’ to doubters detractors and trolls and to hold her council until the money speaks for itself. Also hear a quick wrap of the markets with expert forex trader Pete Armstrong.


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Hear how Mentoree Karen Hansen-Palumberi makes a profit in the markets.


Karen Hansen Palumberi defines persistence and patience. In this episode hear her trading journey from first entering the Mentor Program to the magical feeling of a big trading win. Also hear Louise Bedford’s heartbreaking stories of an investors’ trust sold for gold by people claiming to be educators, when in reality they were just wolves in sheep’s clothing and share market shonks.


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When you are flat on your back with nowhere to go but the markets.

back hurt

In this week’s episode of Talking Trading we hear from Anton Destounis who suffered a severe spinal injury and turned to the markets to SURVIVE. Anton turned a hobby into a PASSION and PURPOSE for living that has saved him emotionally mentally and financially. Niv Dagan also tells us what to look for in the next winning IPO, Chris Tate gives his trading quote of the week and Louise Bedford tells us to do one thing each week to improve your trading.


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When the markets start to drop what do you do?

FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2011 file photo the bull and bear bronze statue stands outside the stock market, Deutsche Boerse AG, in Frankfurt, Germany. Germany's Deutsche Boerse said Tuesday, March 20, 2012, it will sue the European Union's competition regulator over its decision to block the company's US dollar 10 billion merger with NYSE Euronext. Deutsche Boerse said it considers the decision by the European Commission to block the deal to be "faulty" on several aspects and will take its complaint to a European court in Luxembourg. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File)

In this episode of Talking Trading Chris Tate gives an in depth look at the end of the bull run in the US and how traders can tackle the current climate. Bull run endings are akin to relationship breakups – they never end gracefully. Chris identifies the problems for traders to watch for in a short market and the share opportunities he is looking at in his charts. Louise Bedford tells us that DESIRE and AMBITION are the golden threads leading us towards to our actions and that we are more powerful than we realize.


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How trading provided a second income and a new outlook on life for this Trading Game mentoree.


This week’s episode of Talking Trading looks at Catherine Robert’s foray into the trading world. Compelled by the pressure of a toxic work environment, Catherine pursued the Mentor Program to provide her with a second income and a new outlook on life. Hear about her growth in personal development, her wins in the market and her amazing meeting of another Trading Game mentoree. Also find out what Louise Bedford has to say about getting out of your comfort zone in Mindpower and where the big money really lies.


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How a Trading Game Mentoree, one year down the track, feels about trading, the Mentor Program and financial literacy.


Maria Montgomery joined the Trading Game Mentor Program in 2014 to become a professional trader and in this episode we explore the changes it has brought within herself and her life. Hear how share trading fills Maria’s week and how it has created more discipline and financial literacy. Also hear how realising money is important is the first step in getting a heck of a lot more of it from Louise Bedford in 'Mindpower' and find out what the markets are doing this week with Chris Weston from IG Markets.


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The future of share trading and the history of The South Sea Bubble.


In this week’s episode we go forwards and backwards in time to look at the technological future of share trading and the history of The South Sea Bubble. With Google Goggles we are on the brink of being able to put a chart up and execute a trade with the blink of an eye. However just as the mania of the South Sea Bubble shows, people don’t change, human emotions never alter - therefore markets will always stay the same. And Jono Barratt tells us all about the bond market.


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Become an artist of the markets and paint your profits.


This episode features fellow podcaster Dale Gilham from Wealth Within. He also runs his podcast show - 'Talking Wealth'. Hear Dale discuss the 'art form' of the markets over morning coffee with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford. Hear why Chris says the most important thing a trader can do is SURVIVE in the markets and why trading is a behavioural endeavour. Let Louise remind you that decisions based on fear always backfire in Mindpower, and find out Warren Buffet’s two golden rules for making money. Also hear which positions Jono is placing this week.


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The power of holding a vision to manifest your goals.

The continent of Africa comes to Talking Trading this week with Getrude Matshe. The wind blew this African lady with a big vision to the city of Wellington NZ. Getrude has since created 6 successful businesses, has written a movie script LA is calling for and has started a foundation for sufferers of HIV. Getrude highlights the importance of vision and affirmations in creating your business. Sit back and hear the sounds of Africa through her story. Louise Bedford also discusses the power of visualisations and affirmations in her book review and hear Chris Tate’s trading quote of the week.


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And you thought the reason you traded was for money…


In this week’s episode David Chia’s trading partners Ashley and Anthony Parton share their vast experience and advice on the markets. Spectacular traders in their own right you'll hear how they are creating lifetime wealth for their family. The markets give you stories, experiences and most importantly the feeling of empowerment, but when you look back you will say "I didn’t only learn about money – I learned about myself". Also, Tony Robbins tells us which trait is universal to successful people, and Dr Harry Stanton shares his passion for working. Plus we find out what Chris Tate is trading this week.


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Which is the better investment?

In this episode we take a look at the topic that has fuelled many cocktail hour conversations: shares versus property. Niv Dagan walks us through the statistics over the past 20 years to show to show how shares have outperformed property and why. Louise Bedford tells us to stop being VANILLA about things that matter in Mindpower and suggests creating a bubble of protection around yourself. Janet Beckers gives us a tribal leaders tip and Jono tells us the state of the market last week.


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Trust structures and tax quirks to protect your hard earned trading capital.


In this episode Ken Raiss the managing director of Chan and Naylor Accountants shares his 28 years of experience. Hear how you can best protect your trading capital on your road to financial freedom, and taxation booby traps you need to avoid during the financial year. Louise Bedford shares tips to live your authentic self in Mindpower and Niv Dagan tells us how the markets are performing this week.


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How to recognise and beat the beast of self-sabotage.


In this episode Louise Bedford discusses 'The Impostor Syndrome' and how it may be impacting your trading. Trading success lies in your ability to kick those fluttering feelings of self-doubt and revel in your wins. Hear how to do that by recognising the symptoms of this syndrome and moving beyond to shine as a trader. Also get a sneak peak into the machinations of Chris Tate’s brain whilst he is trading and how last week’s markets were all about commodities.


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Is your gender helping or hindering your trading? We look at the differences between the way men and women trade.

This week Chris Tate takes a fascinating peek into the different ways men and women approach the markets. With a testosterone-fuelled hunter-mindset, men tend to be overconfident and trade for the excitement whilst bragging to their mates how well they are doing. Women naturally husband resources and preserve capital but can aquire a lack of confidence. How can we support each other to trade at the optimum level? Find out in this cage-rattling interview. Also hear why Louise urges you to not be freaking normal and hear the latest in the markets last week.


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Fundamental questions you need to ask before you take the next step into becoming a full-time trader. This episode reminds us the buck stops with us.


Hear how Louise Bedford felt when her boss stopped paying her wages and how it took her eight years to make a living from the markets. Learn the fundamental questions to ask before you become a full time trader which if don’t answer confidently means you are ‘just dreamin’. And hear how the Swiss Index put a cat amongst the pigeons in the FX world and how the Aussie and US markets are performing.


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The power of resilience… when 'no' just means 'next'!

This episode teaches you the power of resilience. Business Commando Aaron Parsons encourages you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Move forward on your mission and your success is inevitable. Hear how to stay motivated every day and why for a trader 'NO' just means 'NEXT'. And Louise Bedford DARES you to fail your way to success and we find out the bulls are still running in the US markets.


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Seeking that feeling of soul satisfaction that comes from knowing you are living your life’s purpose? This episode gives you the blueprint on how to act on your dreams and achieve your goals.

Hear how young gun property developer Nhan Nguyen keeps moving forwards and how Louise Bedford’s personal mission statement at age 19 was to liberate people’s lives through trading. She still has the same purpose… she wants to liberate your life as well. Plus find out about Anthony Robbins latest research into the 4 qualities all billionaires have in common and the latest in our markets.


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Feel the need for speed? Listen and you’ll develop a success attitude to fly beyond the Danger Zone…

Top Gun

Aviator and entrepreneur Wayne Berry shares his TOP GUN success formula. Wayne has stared death in face, built a business empire and followed his passion for flying. He picks out the most powerful tools and actions for success. Enjoy his wisdom, his immense knowledge and his proven success formula. Louise Bedford also tells us to look at our attitude in order in to attract real wealth into our lives and Aaron Lynch has the latest in the US and Australian markets.


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The future of trading is revealed in this week's episode. Get ready to hear about the new opportunities that await you in today's markets.


This episode sheds light on the huge cost advantages of online broking. Hear how Rick Klink of OpenMarkets is removing expenses and providing investors with greater freedom. Louise Bedford discusses the power of tenacity and why it is the most important quality to possess as a trader. Also, hear what our markets did this week.


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The markets have gone crazy... which is great news for those who know what they're doing. Listen to this week's episode of Talking Trading to make sense out of the mayhem.

Chris Tate de-mystifies the waves of market movement so you can profit from his insights. Plus hear how Jason Cunningham, our favourite TV star and accounting guru, thinks about why the rich are rich, and how you can approach your wealth accumulation with the right mindset. Then hear Louise Bedford head how you can climb out of hell inch by inch, if you're feeling smacked by life.


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Free Trading Advice and Personal Development Tips from the master of Sumo.

Ready for a motivational kick in the butt? In this episode international speaker and best selling author Paul McGee shares his SUMO principles. Get ready to be invigorated, feel enthusiastic and move forward. Plus hear about the online broking world from Rick Klink and what the FX markets are doing this week.


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Free Trading Advice on the two phenomena that have changed the markets forever.

ETFs and HFT account for 90% of daily turnover on the New York Stock exchange. In this episode, trading giant Daryl Guppy explains how they work and why they are here to stay. His enthusiasm is enormous. His knowledge vast. Sit back and enjoy the markets through his eyes. Also find out what London’s financial district is up with atomic time and Louise Bedford tells us this month is decision time for the Mentor Program.


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Free trading advice on how to protect your dreams and recognise only those who are trustworthy.

This episode targets the lies of the sharemarket shonks as Louise Bedford shares heartbreaking stories of investors' trust sold for gold and how she was the only person there to pick up the pieces. We also hear from Mentoree Greg Rownie on the power of persistence and we find out what the markets did last week.


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Listen to the man who staged a marketing coup and snagged Jerry Seinfeld as a spokesperson and how he creates WOW in business. Hear his passion. Understand that this level of excitement is what it takes to succeed in any professional endeavour.


This episode features John Dwyer from The Institute of Wow on how to create the Wow factor in your business. John also shares what Jerry Seinfeld is like in real life and what he learned from working with him. We also hear about Chris Tate’s early trading years from Joseph Barrington Lew and how the US market continues to boom.


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How an attitude of gratitude is key to your success and why sometimes it's too soon to tell your friends about your dreams...


From a rebel without a clue to copywriter supreme, this episode features Pete Godfrey. Pete is Australia’s Wizard of Words and here he reveals the secrets to his success.
Plus, Gary Stone from Sharewealth Systems discusses trading tips with Louise Bedford and how to get the most from the US and Australian markets.


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Why Even Orthopedic Surgeons need Share Market Education

This episode unveils the financial illiteracy of many high level professionals and why even being a surgeon does not guarantee you financial serenity in life. We also hear from speakers at this year’s Australian Investors Association conference.


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Find out what wealthy people have in common and turn your investing dreams into reality.

This episode turns any fear you have about wealth creation on its head. Learn how to accept more money into your life by understanding its usefulness as a tool to enrich your life and the lives of those you love. Our special guest Rik Schnabel inspires you to think joyfully about money.


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Why you need asset protection as an investor.

This episode spells out how wealth creation is a responsibility. Lawyer Rob Balanda tells the unbelievable but true stories of why all investors must have asset protection and in the Mindpower segment, Louise urges us to stop dodging success and making excuses. Plus we have a special look at the news around the world with David Chia.


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Trading Royalty and The Matriarch of Technical Analysis, Dawn Bolton-Smith, holds up her crystal ball and tells us what she sees in the months that lie ahead. Plus, hear the scintillating Market Wrap and learn how to de-tooth the vicious fear demon, so you can gain control back in your life.

This episode takes us to the heart of technical analysis with a pioneer of charting, Dawn Bolton-Smith. Hear stories of her incredible career and predictions she made on the biggest booms in history. Also get inspired to diagnose your fears with Louise to move into your greatness.


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Take charge of your financial dreams and gather resilience when you need it most.

coloured coils and glitter

If you have ever felt financially down and out, this episode gives you comfort and support on how to bounce back. Louise also tells parents how your trading influences your children and we hear about our mentoree’s hot tip at the mid point meeting.


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Replay success again and again and achieve financial self-esteem

purple sky with lightning striking the ground in the distance

This episode is a psychological bonanza with Louise and Chris back in Tasmania with Dr Harry to discuss Let The Trade Winds Flow 2nd Edition. Louise also gives tips to get out of your comfort zone and we a catch up with our first mentoree from the mid-point Mentor Program meeting.


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Beat the cesspool of self-sabotage and take hold of your dreams. You're going to love hearing Caroline's exclusive interview with Internationally acclaimed, best-selling author - Adrienne Toghraie. A fascinating trader with specific strategies to help you excel in today's markets.

optical illusion background image

This episode gives you the keys to elite trading performance. Essential listening if you're keen to excel and to overcome your own mindset crimes.


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Sharpen your senses, take responsibility and let the trade winds flow… all the way to the bank.

coffee with a dollar sign floating in it

Episode 21 sees Louise and Chris travel to Tasmania to interview Dr Harry Stanton about trading psychology. Also hear commentary on the markets and how micro loans are transforming lives in the third world.


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Trading success really is achievable if you put your mind to it.

background image with some graphs on it

Episode 19 shows us how to forge a mind of steel and trade with the pros. Hear why we must have the guts to grow up and why tulips went crazy.


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Killer strategies to make the most of your time so that you can get the results you deserve in life.

many clocks

Episode 17 will have you using your time productively and profitably and looking at what all great traders do in the markets. You'll love hearing from Louise Bedford and Chris Tate about honouring your commitments to yourself and getting the most out of your life.


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Make the decision to take the leap and invest for success. Grow into your trading greatness and find out the similarities between shares and property and how a young developer forged his dreams. Plus, hear how the Nasdaq’s hissy fit affected our markets.


Episode 15 looks at how share trading and property compliment each other and the mindset it takes for your investing greatness.


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Beam your laser brain into this week’s episode and watch your profits soar.

Ducks in a Row

Episode 14 will have you understanding what macro trading really is and how to deal with the little voice of doubt to truly unlock your potential. We also find out the origin of the name Wall Street and why it is a good idea not to quit your day job yet.


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Want audited proof that following a trading plan will help you excel as a trader? This is the episode for you. Plus, hear why desire is essential to every top trader, and how battling a health issue can actually act as an incentive to trade like a champion.


Episode 13 will have you stoking the fire in your belly and using your ambition to excel. It will also have you reaching for your trading plan knowing it is the key to your success.


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What to do when you feel freaking exhausted...


Episdoe 12 will take you from the dips of burnout to the highs of your inspired life. Find out why success is a mirror and the secrets we were never taught at school.

Also, listen to Jono Barratt's Market Wrap, Louise Bedford's Mindpower segment, as well as Simone Miller's incredibly illuminating views on Burnout and how you can avoid it.


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Find out how you can delve into the FX markets, develop financial serenity, and gain the peace that comes from knowing you can re-create yourself from scratch if need be.

Crystal Ball

Episode 11 shows you how to enter the currency vortex with gusto and propel you towards financial liberation.


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Do one thing a week to improve your trading, and soon, you'll be trading like a machine, even in the Commodities market.

Bamboo fountain

Episode 10 of Talking Trading will get you trading Commodities like a Pro. Plus, Louise throws down the gauntlet and challenges you to do one thing per week and you’ll find out why Dilbert’s creator is a fan of systems. You’ll also hear about what it takes to get your spouse to see your point of view.


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How will you avoid the impending doom just around the corner?

financial analysis

Episode 9 of Talking Trading gives you the raw truth about our markets and jewels of wisdom protect to your trading equity and by-pass danger. It will help you stand strong and banish any doubts to keep pursuing your dreams.


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This episode will help you stand strong, back your dreams, and give you the analysis you need to excel.

Get ready to hang onto your friends like a barnacle, and stay focussed for the entire week.


Episode 8 of Talking Trading will warm your heart when you hear 'why' traders trade, hear about why the breakout of the ascending triangle on the Aussie markets this week can lead you to the big bucks.

You'll also hear Chris Tate's views on how your success can bring your friend's failings into very sharp focus.


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Plant your own seed in the markets and watch your money tree grow.


Episode 7 shows how the market transforms your life when watered with wisdom from successful traders.


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Want to know the down and dirty secret of successful traders? They focus on money management and accounting. Boring? Heck no!


Episode 6 of Talking Trading will have you combatting your fear of accounting and money management so that you can excel as a trader.


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Since the Dow fell out of bed, the Aussie markets still look lack lustre. What should you be trading right now so you can become Rich, Rich, Rich?


Episode 5 of Talking Trading will help you define your definition of success, so will zoom towards your ideal trading future.


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Want to know some sure-fire ways of beating up your butterflies? This is the talking trading show for you.


Episode 4 of Talking Trading probes into the murky depths of anxiety, which can stifle your growth as a trader. Essential listening for everyone who has felt the flutter of nerves whilst doing battle with the markets.


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There are some things that work in the markets, and some that just DON’T! Learn how you can avoid shooting yourself in the foot. Also, you’ll hear what the professionals are trading this week.


Episode 3 of Talking Trading shows Chris Tate firing on all cylinders. You'll love his down to earth, pragmatic views about what to do to achieve terrific growth.


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Want to excel in the markets, but you’re having trouble getting off the couch? This show will give you all you need to goad your lazy butt into action.


Episode 2 of Talking Trading will introduce you to a true gentleman of the markets, economist - Jono Barratt. As a spot of trivia, Jono has recently bought a beautiful chalet in Japan, so he can indulge his love of skiing in style...


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Market Watch

Malcolm Bish – “How I Beat 10,000 Other Traders and Won The ASX Sharemarket Game!” | Chris Tate on the past and the future | Louise Bedford - Your Unfair Advantage in the Markets


Learn how Malcolm Bish beat 10,000 traders to win the ASX Sharemarket Game, plus, hear Chris Tate’s view on the year ahead. This is your chance to see how the experts think, what they’re trading, and their tips so you can excel.


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