Jonathan Barratt

Your Economist and Fixed Income Specialist

Jonathan Barratt is an economist with 25 years of experience trading the FX and Commodity markets. An entrepreneur at heart, the word ‘respect’ springs to mind when you ask professional traders about this man. His positive attitude and fascination for the markets will ensure that you’re enthralled when he shares his views.

He is a regular guest on Sky Business, CNBC Asia Television, Bloomberg TV, ABC 1 and 2, News Radio and NDTV India. He is a Responsible Manager for several Australian Financial Service Licensees plus he holds several Directorship and Advisory roles with some prominent Australian financial institutions.

Should you trade daily or weekly system? Louise Bedford compares the two.

Louise Bedford has traded both daily and weekly trading systems. Which one is the best for you? Jonathon Barrett gives a global markets update and Niv Dagan talks all things trading.


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Mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth on climbing Mt Everest and abandoning comfort for adventure.

Stay enthralled with this week’s episode of Talking Trading as mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth takes us back to the top of Mt Everest. Hear the joy Patrick finds in the mountains and why he says to abandon your clutch for comfort and go seeking adventures into the unknown. Louise Bedford urges you to stop ruminating and break your problems down in Mindpower as she reveals a key habit for success in her life. Plus get the low down on how the markets reacted to the federal budget with economist Jonathan Barratt.


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As the world is reeling from The Donald coming up Trumps in the shock US election result, find out how the markets reacted and how you can profit.

He came up in Trumps and the US has a new president-elect. How did the markets react and where are those pockets of profits to find? Experts Chris Tate and Jono Barratt give the low down since the red states out voted the blue. And Louise Bedford asks - Are you good enough to make real money in the markets?


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The autonomy trading brings you and the questions of identity it raises.

In this episode of Talking Trading Louise Bedford shares what she prizes in trading above all else, Chris Tate reveals what he likes to chew over in his mind and mentoree Anastasia Bonython discusses her trading journey. Plus Jono looks at the markets and what is moving.


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Understanding the causes of the panic sell off in China and how this impacts our markets.

This week’s episode of Talking Trading features a panel of experts on the panic in the Chinese market and the repercussions for Australian traders. China expert Daryl Guppy takes us through the mechanical problems of the Chinese market and how this resulted in the large sell off. He further discusses Australia’s future in the Asia Pacific Region. We also hear Jonathan Barratt’s thoughts on China and the price of iron ore. And finally Chris Tate in his usual style tells us we are one short of the three stooges running amok in the world financial markets.


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The future of share trading and the history of The South Sea Bubble.

In this week’s episode we go forwards and backwards in time to look at the technological future of share trading and the history of The South Sea Bubble. With Google Goggles we are on the brink of being able to put a chart up and execute a trade with the blink of an eye. However just as the mania of the South Sea Bubble shows, people don’t change, human emotions never alter - therefore markets will always stay the same. And Jono Barratt tells us all about the bond market.


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Which is the better investment?

In this episode we take a look at the topic that has fuelled many cocktail hour conversations: shares versus property. Niv Dagan walks us through the statistics over the past 20 years to show to show how shares have outperformed property and why. Louise Bedford tells us to stop being VANILLA about things that matter in Mindpower and suggests creating a bubble of protection around yourself. Janet Beckers gives us a tribal leaders tip and Jono tells us the state of the market last week.


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The power of resilience… when 'no' just means 'next'!

This episode teaches you the power of resilience. Business Commando Aaron Parsons encourages you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Move forward on your mission and your success is inevitable. Hear how to stay motivated every day and why for a trader 'NO' just means 'NEXT'. And Louise Bedford DARES you to fail your way to success and we find out the bulls are still running in the US markets.


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Free Trading Advice on techniques to overcome negative self talk

Get ready to be inspired and master your mind with Australia’s ‘King of Copywriting’, Scott Bywater. From living in a half way house to generating millions of dollars Scott trained his mind to overcome self-sabotage and negative self-talk. Soak up his experience, psychological tricks and his big picture questions. Richard Lie from Stockradar shares his illustrious trading journey and Jono tells us what is hot in the markets this week.


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The future of trading is revealed in this week's episode. Get ready to hear about the new opportunities that await you in today's markets.

This episode sheds light on the huge cost advantages of online broking. Hear how Rick Klink of OpenMarkets is removing expenses and providing investors with greater freedom. Louise Bedford discusses the power of tenacity and why it is the most important quality to possess as a trader. Also, hear what our markets did this week.


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Free Trading Advice on the two phenomena that have changed the markets forever.

ETFs and HFT account for 90% of daily turnover on the New York Stock exchange. In this episode, trading giant Daryl Guppy explains how they work and why they are here to stay. His enthusiasm is enormous. His knowledge vast. Sit back and enjoy the markets through his eyes. Also find out what London’s financial district is up with atomic time and Louise Bedford tells us this month is decision time for the Mentor Program.


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The Father of Modern Candlesticks Steve Nison reveals in a rare interview how he lit a new path for traders and changed our trading screens forever.

This episode features free trading advice from the Father of Modern Candlesticks - Steve Nison. You'll hear how he brought candlestick charting from Japan to the West. Be riveted by their history, fascinated by their power and learn first hand how they revolutionized technical analysis and changed the course of trading history. Also find out what our markets are doing this week.


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Why Even Orthopedic Surgeons need Share Market Education

This episode unveils the financial illiteracy of many high level professionals and why even being a surgeon does not guarantee you financial serenity in life. We also hear from speakers at this year’s Australian Investors Association conference.


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Find out what wealthy people have in common and turn your investing dreams into reality.

This episode turns any fear you have about wealth creation on its head. Learn how to accept more money into your life by understanding its usefulness as a tool to enrich your life and the lives of those you love. Our special guest Rik Schnabel inspires you to think joyfully about money.


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Our famous international author and guest, Tim Pychyl, will help you seize the day and live your life with more meaning. Also hear our what our markets are doing this week and how you can use these trading tips to excel in the markets this week.

This episode features international author and researcher A/Prof Tim Pychyl from the University of Carlton, Canada. In his ground breaking and celebrated research find out why you procrastinate and how can you stop lolly-gagging your way to success. Rich with tips, strategies and sage advice, Tim’s life-changing research will inspire you to Seize the Day.


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The formula to happiness and sustained performance…

This episode explores the Science of Happiness. Find out what makes us perform at our peak performance levels and stay there. Our special guest, Alan Furlong, will get you thinking deeply about how you can improve your own happiness as a trader. His views are insightful. His accent is delightful. So, listen up, and get ready to smile.


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Take charge of your financial dreams and gather resilience when you need it most.

coloured coils and glitter

If you have ever felt financially down and out, this episode gives you comfort and support on how to bounce back. Louise also tells parents how your trading influences your children and we hear about our mentoree’s hot tip at the mid point meeting.


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Replay success again and again and achieve financial self-esteem

purple sky with lightning striking the ground in the distance

This episode is a psychological bonanza with Louise and Chris back in Tasmania with Dr Harry to discuss Let The Trade Winds Flow 2nd Edition. Louise also gives tips to get out of your comfort zone and we a catch up with our first mentoree from the mid-point Mentor Program meeting.


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Want to know how to choose the best option, and the latest market wrap now that the budget news is in? Then you don't want to miss out on this episode of Talking Trading.

Find out whether our expert trader, Jono Barratt is long or short this week. You're going to want to hear his views, that's for sure.

Take the wealth option and focus on your future. Once you learn how to trade these little champions, you'll be in a terrific position. Also, learn about some of our favourite trader's darkest moments in trading.

Trading inspiration when you need it the most.


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Trading success really is achievable if you put your mind to it.

background image with some graphs on it

Episode 19 shows us how to forge a mind of steel and trade with the pros. Hear why we must have the guts to grow up and why tulips went crazy.


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Beam your laser brain into this week’s episode and watch your profits soar.

Episode 14 will have you understanding what macro trading really is and how to deal with the little voice of doubt to truly unlock your potential. We also find out the origin of the name Wall Street and why it is a good idea not to quit your day job yet.


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Want audited proof that following a trading plan will help you excel as a trader? This is the episode for you. Plus, hear why desire is essential to every top trader, and how battling a health issue can actually act as an incentive to trade like a champion.

Episode 13 will have you stoking the fire in your belly and using your ambition to excel. It will also have you reaching for your trading plan knowing it is the key to your success.


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What to do when you feel freaking exhausted...

Episdoe 12 will take you from the dips of burnout to the highs of your inspired life. Find out why success is a mirror and the secrets we were never taught at school.

Also, listen to Jono Barratt's Market Wrap, Louise Bedford's Mindpower segment, as well as Simone Miller's incredibly illuminating views on Burnout and how you can avoid it.


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Do one thing a week to improve your trading, and soon, you'll be trading like a machine, even in the Commodities market.

Episode 10 of Talking Trading will get you trading Commodities like a Pro. Plus, Louise throws down the gauntlet and challenges you to do one thing per week and you’ll find out why Dilbert’s creator is a fan of systems. You’ll also hear about what it takes to get your spouse to see your point of view.


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Want to excel in the markets, but you’re having trouble getting off the couch? This show will give you all you need to goad your lazy butt into action.

Episode 2 of Talking Trading will introduce you to a true gentleman of the markets, economist - Jono Barratt. As a spot of trivia, Jono has recently bought a beautiful chalet in Japan, so he can indulge his love of skiing in style...


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