Jason Cunningham

Your Tax and Accounting Specialist

Jason Cunningham is CPA qualified, a ‘footy tragic’, star of the hit TV show The Living Room and the founding partner of The Practice accounting firm. He is also the author of the incredibly popular book – ‘Where’s My Money?’.

Jason has an extraordinary talent for making money matters simple. He specialises in tax, strategic application of trading principles and helping traders keep more of their hard earned money.

The importance of treating share trading like a business and the personal story of accountant Jason Cunningham.

In this episode of Talking Trading, feel the pain of not treating your trading like a business and why the tax department refused to grant a tax rebate to a share trader on the grounds her business was not being run professionally. Hear how you can avoid ever being in such a situation. Also tune in to the personal journey of accountant Jason Cunningham and his rags to celebrity story.


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Treat trading like a business and turn your wealth around.

Celebrity accountant Jason Cunningham joins Talking Trading this week to discuss the similarities between share trading and small business and how to maximize your profits for both. Reminding yourself and your team of the WHY you are doing things and holding fast to your VISION will carry you towards SUCCESS. Hear Chris Tate’s middle name and Jason’s up and coming business boot camp.


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Golden nuggets of advice about the commodities sector.

This episode will get you up to speed with commodities and pulling in the profits. Expert Aaron Lynch tells us the way they work in their markets, their quirks and learning hurdles and most importantly their rewards. Also get up to date with Accountant’s Jason Cunningham’s One Day Bootcamp and how he intends to make people’s hard earned mula stick in their pockets, listen to why Louise says you have become one eyed about your goals and hear about the release of Executive Trader Magazine. Plus find out where Chris Tate has placed his trades in the markets around the world.


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The markets have gone crazy... which is great news for those who know what they're doing. Listen to this week's episode of Talking Trading to make sense out of the mayhem.

Chris Tate de-mystifies the waves of market movement so you can profit from his insights. Plus hear how Jason Cunningham, our favourite TV star and accounting guru, thinks about why the rich are rich, and how you can approach your wealth accumulation with the right mindset. Then hear Louise Bedford head how you can climb out of hell inch by inch, if you're feeling smacked by life.


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How did the federal budget really shape up?

fist holding $80 in Australian currency

This episode tells you how the federal budget is going to affect you, your family and your trading. Plus Chris Tate’s history of The South Sea Bubble shows that there really is nothing new under the trading sun.


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Want audited proof that following a trading plan will help you excel as a trader? This is the episode for you. Plus, hear why desire is essential to every top trader, and how battling a health issue can actually act as an incentive to trade like a champion.

Episode 13 will have you stoking the fire in your belly and using your ambition to excel. It will also have you reaching for your trading plan knowing it is the key to your success.


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Want to know the down and dirty secret of successful traders? They focus on money management and accounting. Boring? Heck no!

Episode 6 of Talking Trading will have you combatting your fear of accounting and money management so that you can excel as a trader.


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