Dr Harry Stanton

Your Trading Peak Performance Coach

Dr Harry Stanton is the author of well over 250 articles and nine books.

He was the first ever author to publish an Australian book on positive thinking in 1979. As well as being a practising clinical psychologist, he is recognised as Australia’s leading peak-performance coach. In his private practice, he helps clients to manage their lives more successfully by overcoming the obstacles they create within their own minds.

He has had a life-long fascination with hypnosis techniques to help traders overcome anxiety, improve their performance and develop a winning mindset.

Dr Harry Stanton with psychological techniques to create a winning mindset.

Here is a box full of psychological tips to take control of your mindset, get beyond your inner saboteur and play your inner A game. Are you sick and tired of feeling plagued by self doubt and controlled by your inner saboteur telling you that you can’t do things well enough, can't make enough money, and that you will never have the life you desire? Time to ditch it with this interview with Dr Harry Stanton Trading Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach.


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Replay success again and again and achieve financial self-esteem

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This episode is a psychological bonanza with Louise and Chris back in Tasmania with Dr Harry to discuss Let The Trade Winds Flow 2nd Edition. Louise also gives tips to get out of your comfort zone and we a catch up with our first mentoree from the mid-point Mentor Program meeting.


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Sharpen your senses, take responsibility and let the trade winds flow… all the way to the bank.

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Episode 21 sees Louise and Chris travel to Tasmania to interview Dr Harry Stanton about trading psychology. Also hear commentary on the markets and how micro loans are transforming lives in the third world.


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