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David Chia is ‘the fund manager other traders envy’. Having worked at almost every big broking firm around, such as Bell Commodities, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, he decided to specialise in helping traders with high net worth.

His boutique fund management firm Relate Empower Deliver is a spectacular success and traders queue up to get involved. Part zen guru, part capitalist – David’s views will make you question everything you once believed about being a trader.

Why you need asset protection as an investor.

This episode spells out how wealth creation is a responsibility. Lawyer Rob Balanda tells the unbelievable but true stories of why all investors must have asset protection and in the Mindpower segment, Louise urges us to stop dodging success and making excuses. Plus we have a special look at the news around the world with David Chia.


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How will you avoid the impending doom just around the corner?

financial analysis

Episode 9 of Talking Trading gives you the raw truth about our markets and jewels of wisdom protect to your trading equity and by-pass danger. It will help you stand strong and banish any doubts to keep pursuing your dreams.


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