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Colin Simpson is an FX and Commodities trading specialist. After completing Agricultural Science, working as an Irrigation engineer and then running his family farm, trading provided the capital growth and cash flow Colin was looking for.

Today he is a full-time trader and lives in Far North Queensland.

Known for his sharp wit, attention to detail and focus, Colin completed Louise Bedford and Chris Tate's Mentor Program over a decade ago.

Free Trading Advice on multiple trading systems and different market types.

In this episode Ashley Jessen from Invast Financial Services shares the characteristics of trending, range-bound and volatile markets and how to make money from each. Also hear how the FX markets are HOT and what to expect from our markets this week.


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Free Trading Advice and Personal Development Tips from the master of Sumo.

Ready for a motivational kick in the butt? In this episode international speaker and best selling author Paul McGee shares his SUMO principles. Get ready to be invigorated, feel enthusiastic and move forward. Plus hear about the online broking world from Rick Klink and what the FX markets are doing this week.


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Find out how you can delve into the FX markets, develop financial serenity, and gain the peace that comes from knowing you can re-create yourself from scratch if need be.

Crystal Ball

Episode 11 shows you how to enter the currency vortex with gusto and propel you towards financial liberation.


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