Jack Schwager on A Complete Guide to the Futures Market.

Market Wizard author Jack Schwager has released a new book - a 700-page epic on all you need to know about the futures market. In this interview, we take a look at the key attributes of the futures market, the great debate between fundamental and technical analysis, what makes a good trend follower and the key attribute of the market wizards.


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Khoa Bui on the little things each day which lead you towards success and Louise Bedford on IQ in the markets.

Women running on stairs

We talk with speaker Khoa Bui on the lessons he has learned from leading entrepreneurs. We discuss 'The Compound Effect', the benefits of the weekly rhythm register and improving your strengths. We also hear which are Khoa’s favourite books on personal development. Louise Bedford asks, "Could the perfect trader be an intelligent moron?" How clever do you have to be to trade the markets?


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Ben Harvey talks about tools and traits for success in your life - Part 2.

In this week’s episode, educator, coach and mentor Ben Harvey talks about systems, habits, everyday-discipline and living your love. Louise Bedford discusses loneliness in share trading and how to move beyond it and Chris Tate answers 10 questions on the markets in a quick quiz.


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Ben Harvey on creating roads inside your mind to lead you towards financial wealth.

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In this week’s episode of Talking Trading hear how to cultivate a wealth mindset with Benjamin Harvey. Change your mind with these wealth blueprint strategies, which will lead you towards Financial Freedom Town. Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets and what is trending.


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